21 Feb 2008

Protected: Work in Progress

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

21 Feb 2007

Ash Wednesday

I’m sure I’m going to hell for this (among many, many other reasons), but Ash Wednesday gives me the creeps. Walking through Port Authority and then the subway system seeing dozens of people shuffling to and fro with sloppy, smudged crosses on their heads and glazed eyes always seems to

25 Oct 2005

Burning in effigy… or somethin’

So…. I managed to set myself on fire this past weekend. I suppose it was bound to happen – an uncoordinated yob like me, surrounded with all kinds of hot things. But I should clarify – I didn’t burn myself – I set myself on FIRE. Actual flames. The whole

23 Jul 2000

Pollo, Bentley, Pollo!

So I was in Boomerangs, my local skeevy dive-bar of choice, talking to my buddy Dave (aka “Monster”. Dave is the owner of the small, fuzzy dog that I posted the photos of and then got so many gooey emails about that I needed an insulin shot just to finish