22 Dec 2013

The Toughest Woman You Know Has Been Raped

I originally started this blog post off with an apology. An apology about how I might not be the toughest woman you know, but I’m respected in the tech community, and the headline was clickbait and blah blah blah. I deleted it all, because I am, actually, probably, one of

20 Feb 2013

Director of Shoes

Some time last year, a vendor called my company’s main number and asked to be transferred to the Director of Technology. The call was transferred to me, I answered it with my name and “how can I help you?”, as I always do.

16 Feb 2013

Things and Stuff and Stuff and Things

First of all, don’t panic. Despite the fancy new design, this is still the angry, sweary Snipe.Net that you’ve come to know and love and occasionally stumble across in a Google search for “muppet bukkake”. 

12 Nov 2010

Why Vloggers Need to Suck It

I’m not sure why I never wrote about this here before – god knows I’ve ranted about it enough on Twitter and to those deranged few who have had the misfortune of meeting me face-to-face in the Flesh-o-sphere – but I despise “vlogs”. Kill it with fire hate them.

24 Jan 2010

TehAwesome.Net Back Online

Okay, so this is a bit of a shameless plug — oh godammit. PLUG. I said shameless PLUG. That’s it, I’m firing my image editor.

31 Dec 2009

Final Fail of the Year

This is just a quickie to let you know that I haven’t been receiving notifications from Disqus about new comments pending approval. This is my own fault for reasons I’ll explain, but I’m working on replying to them all now.