29 Jan 2013

Free Online Programming & Computer Science Classes

We live in crazy times, where information is everywhere and resources are free. I learned coding and server administration 20 years ago by disassembling existing code, tweaking it and seeing what happened. Oh, and spending a shitload of time on IRC. Fortunately, it’s a little easier for folks these days.

21 Nov 2011

MTAMO – My Tweets Are My Own

This is just a quickie note to let you know about a new site I’ve published, called My Tweets Are My Own, or MTAMO.

24 Jul 2010

Share Your NES Haiku, Enter to Win an NES Controller iPhone 3G/3GS Skin

Sad you don’t have an iPhone4 yet? Don’t feel bad – write an NES-themed haiku, and you might win a super-cool NES iPhone 3G/3GS skin.

28 Jun 2010

Review of the 17-inch BookBook

I posted about the gorgeous BookBook laptop case for the 15″ Macbook Pro back in January on TehAwesome.Net, and have been impatiently waiting for a 17″ model. They’re finally available (first come, first serve!), and I received mine today.

21 Feb 2010

Use Your Own Domain for OpenID Logins

I’m a big fan of OpenID, and the concept of a unified login system, but the implemention of OpenID on many of the websites that use it is often miserable. This article can simplify your OpenID login experience.

31 Jan 2010

Rubik’s Salt and Pepper Mills

It’s a toss-up for me which is cooler, the Rubick’s salt and pepper mills or the R2-D2 pepper mill from Thinkgeek.