15 Jan 2007

Firefox extensions I can’t live without

The full list of Firefox extensions that I consider absolutely mandatory. All of these work with FF 2, and many work with older versions. All but one or two have also been updated to work with FF 3. (List last updated Aug 26, 2008.)

27 Jun 2002

Google Style Page Numbering (with x per page and y page numbers displayed)

With just a few modifications, we can create a piece of code that will not only give you x results per page with page numbers, but it will also allow you to specify how many page numbers should appear on the page at any time, much like Google.  (For example,

19 Jun 2002

PHP/mySQL Breadcrumb Trail

This lets you automatically create a breadcrumb trail navigation through PHP and mySQL, that would look something like: Home >> Parrots >> Red Parrots This type of dynamic breadcrumb trail is only possible when you are storing the menu items (or categories) in a table, that contains at least a