31 Jan 2010

Lego Stephen Hawking

I can’t decide if this is awesome and mean, or just awesome. But as they say, funny and mean – still funny.

29 Jan 2010


These Lego versions of characters from Hayao Miyazaki’s classic My Neighbor Totoro are part of Iain Heath’s (aka Ochre Jelly) entry to BrikCon 2010 which takes place from September 30th – October 3rd of this year in Seattle, WA.

26 Jan 2010

A Unicorn for Boys

Unicorns aren’t just for little girls (and men who wish they were little girls) anymore.

26 Jan 2010

The Green Dahlia

With Henson gone, Kermit finally outlived his usefulness…

25 Jan 2010

SeoulDanceTroopers – Wonder Girls

Yes, Storm Troopers dancing to “Nobody” by the K-Pop band Wonder Girls. Sad thing is, about halfway through, the song started getting catchy. Watch at your own risk.

10 Oct 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things Redux

While I find websites every day that make me laugh, there are a few that always seem to deliver. Some of the are older, some are newer, but I love and cherish every one of them and would hug each of their creators for making my world better through their