02 Mar 2010

And I’ll Form the Head

If I grew up with parents as awesome as this little girl has, I probably wouldn’t be the editor of a nerd blog and would have a fulfilling, productive life. Instead, I find myself coveting a 5 year old’s epic gear.

02 Mar 2010

Futurama Brain Slug Cupcakes

Artist/illstrator Alicia Traveria created these fabulous brain slug cupcakes as an homage to one of every geek’s favorite cartoons, Futurama.

01 Mar 2010

Unbelievable Bioshock Chainsaw Wood Carving

If you ever thought you’ve done anything talented, awesome or cool, trust me – it’s utter crap compared to the unimaginable awesomeness of this guy’s Bioshock chainsaw wood carving.

20 Feb 2010

CodeOrgan Turns Websites Into Music

The writing on your blog might be utter shit, but CodeOrgan turns it into beautful music. Seriously! Even this crappy website sounds great – have a listen.

16 Feb 2010

Life-Sized Alien Queen Made From Spare Parts

This true-to-size sculpture of the alien queen weighs in at over 1,200 lbs (550 kg) and costs a mere $6,165 USD – but given that it’s made entirely from 4,000 recycled spare parts, we think that’s actually a pretty good deal.

04 Feb 2010

Bellydancing Slave Leia

What’s the only thing hotter than Slave Leia? Bellydancing Slave Leia, that’s what. I don’t really think there’s anything more for me to say here, other than “you’re welcome.”