12 Nov 2010

A Few Quick Thoughts on RockMelt

So I tried out RockMelt earlier this week, not because I feel that we need another web browser out in the wild, but because this is what I do for a living, it’s important for me to know what’s going on, and more specifically, if it’s going to break my

31 Dec 2009

Death in the Digital Age

Because it’s New Years Eve, and I’m kind of a morbid asshole, I thought I’d harsh your alcohol-induced buzz with some grim reality by asking the question: What happens to your online content when die?

22 Dec 2009

Twitter Retweet Contests: Viral Marketing or Social Media Spam?

Those of us who eat, sleep (and occasionally — oh nevermind) on Twitter have noticed an increase in the Twitter “RT Contests” being promoted by companies in an effort to leverage folks who want free shwag to whore out their promotion.

15 Dec 2009

Twitter Gets Down to Business

Twitter has taken the first steps of what will no doubt be a long journey towards providing more native support for businesses using their micro-blogging platform by introducing the new (beta) Contributors feature.

02 Jun 2009

There is NO SUCH THING as a Social Media Marketer

That’s right. I said it. If your job title is “Social Media Marketer” for a company, your job isn’t real, your life is a lie, and you’d damned well better have a backup career plan for when corporate America catches on. Here’s why.

05 Dec 2008

Planning a Facebook Application: Part Two

I know I promised you that we’d get into some code in the next part in this series, but the article is coming out much longer than I anticipated, as I expect it to be one of the most thorough articles out there regarding Facebook application design. Part two of