20 Jul 2015

Sexy Documentation from Markdown with Couscous and Tipue on Github Pages

[three_fifth_last][/three_fifth_last] Managing documentation for open source projects (or closed source, for that matter) can be a real pain. How do you create user-friendly, readable documentation that users can contribute to without having to be HTML ninjas?

29 Jan 2013

Free Online Programming & Computer Science Classes

We live in crazy times, where information is everywhere and resources are free. I learned coding and server administration 20 years ago by disassembling existing code, tweaking it and seeing what happened. Oh, and spending a shitload of time on IRC. Fortunately, it’s a little easier for folks these days.

05 Dec 2008

Planning a Facebook Application: Part Two

I know I promised you that we’d get into some code in the next part in this series, but the article is coming out much longer than I anticipated, as I expect it to be one of the most thorough articles out there regarding Facebook application design. Part two of