15 Dec 2008

Using IP Geolocation and Radius Searching with PHP/MySQL

Delivering content relative to the physical location of your users is an excellent (and fairly easy) way to fine-tune the content you’re delivering to be most relevent to the people visiting your site. Two simple ways of doing this are to use an IP-based geolocation lookup, or to do a

01 Jul 2008

Identify and Fix SQL Injection Vulnerabilities in Web Applications

Scrawlr is a free software for scanning SQL injection vulnerabilities on your web applications, developed by HP Web Security Research Group in coordination with Microsoft Security Response Center.

19 Jun 2006

Creating a Multi-Level Listbox in PHP/mySQL

This lets you create a nested multi-level category menu through PHP and mySQL. Using a recursive function, we can display an unlimited number of nested categories, for a drop down box that might look like this: Fruit — Apples —->Red Delicious —->Granny Smith

27 Jun 2004

Dynamic thumbnailing with PHP and Imagemagick

This code formatting is a little off, since the WYSIWG editor seems to have eaten part of it. Sorry. <?php /* ———————————————- */ /* ———— BEGIN PHP SNIPPET —————-*/ /* ———————————————- */ // specify your file details $current_file = “image.jpg”; $max_width = “150”; // get the current info on the

27 Jun 2002

Google Style Page Numbering (with x per page and y page numbers displayed)

With just a few modifications, we can create a piece of code that will not only give you x results per page with page numbers, but it will also allow you to specify how many page numbers should appear on the page at any time, much like Google.  (For example,

27 Jun 2002

Page Numbering (with x results per page)

Although there are several examples of this type of code to be found online, I had never found one that easily did what I needed and was flexible enough that we only had to change a few things to use it again – so I wrote my own. It links