20 Feb 2010

New Cthulhu Comedy?

There haven’t been that many movies made around the works of H.P. Lovecraft. A good lot of the ones that were are pretty awful, and none of them were (intentionally) funny. Until now.

24 Jan 2010

Pocket-Sized Serenity

I know at least a few of the geeks reading this are Browncoats, so this one’s for you. Quantum Mechanix has this two-inch gem for pre-sale (expected to ship March 15, 2010) for just ten bucks.

09 Mar 2009

The… Er… Anatomy of a Twitter Meme

This is a transcript of the #giantblueglowingcock Twitter meme from March 9, 2009. This meme, started by myself and @brlittle, managed to make the front page of Twitscoop – that is, until they decided it was too naughty and they pulled it.