29 Jun 2010

Backup Your Mac to AS3 with Arq

There are about 900 different options available to automatically back up your Mac, none of which I have been in love with until now.

28 Jun 2010

Review of the 17-inch BookBook

I posted about the gorgeous BookBook laptop case for the 15″ Macbook Pro back in January on TehAwesome.Net, and have been impatiently waiting for a 17″ model. They’re finally available (first come, first serve!), and I received mine today.

24 Jan 2010

Book Book is Hot Hot

This incredibly sexy Macbook case from twelvesouth almost makes me want to read paper books again.$79 is actually not a bad price for this level of awesome. They market it as a theft-deterrent, which is just silly, but it’s a sexy case nonetheless.

20 Jan 2009

Handy Mac OSX Command Line Tricks

Mac users love their Macs for lots of different reasons – the interface is pretty and (generally) stable, things just “work”, and for the command-line junkies, there’s nothing you can’t do by command line that you can do through the GUI. In fact, there’s some stuff you can’t do with

23 Dec 2008

Airport in OSX Dropping Wifi Connection

Ever since buying a new 17″ Macbook Pro, I have been having consistent problems with keeping a wifi connection in my house. I know this is an Apple issue, not a router issue, as I can sit in the exact same spot in the house with Dell and get a

22 Jun 2008

Lego Digital Designer Builds Your Lego Masterpiece

Freeware application Lego Digital Designer is a virtual Lego kit for your Windows or Mac desktop. Once installed, you can either use LDD to build your own masterpiece from scratch or—if you’re lacking patience—you can get a head start by using one of their starter models. With over 763 brick