24 Jul 2010

Share Your NES Haiku, Enter to Win an NES Controller iPhone 3G/3GS Skin

Sad you don’t have an iPhone4 yet? Don’t feel bad – write an NES-themed haiku, and you might win a super-cool NES iPhone 3G/3GS skin.

16 Apr 2009

More on Haiku (or Moron Haiku?)

So I’ve been on a bit of a haiku-kick lately, and decided to do something about it. The recent obsession started, I think, with my commute.

20 Jul 2007

Geek Haiku

Haiku is a mode of Japanese poetry, the late 19th century revision by Masaoka Shiki of the older hokku,the opening verse of a linked verse form, haikai no renga. The traditional hokku consisted of a pattern of approximately 5, 7, 5 on. The Japanese word on, meaning “sound”, corresponds to