01 Feb 2010

Modern Twist on the Rubik’s Cube

Speaking of Rubik’s Cubes, thanks to a few creative bastards, you no longer have to settle for old-school. Here are some nifty variations on a classic, besides the neat ones available in the official Rubik’s website store.

29 Jan 2010

How to Make the Internet

In season 3, episode 4 of The IT Crowd (a nerdy britcom that chronicles the story of two basement-dwelling IT geeks), our lovable geeks “help” their boss by letting her borrow The Internet for her Employee of the Month speech.

24 Jan 2010

Dr. Who & Distict 9 at Weta

Doctor Who has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity, thanks to the adorkable charms of David Tennant. Oh, David. How we’ll miss your crooked smile, quirky hair and mischievous eyes. Sigh.

24 Jan 2010

Pocket-Sized Serenity

I know at least a few of the geeks reading this are Browncoats, so this one’s for you. Quantum Mechanix has this two-inch gem for pre-sale (expected to ship March 15, 2010) for just ten bucks.