26 Jan 2011

Facebook Introduces HTTPS Opt-In for Users, Impacts App Developers

In an article posted today on the Facebook Developer Blog, Facebook announced that they would be offering users the option to switch their Facebook experience to HTTPS-only, which would force all Facebook page loads to be routed over SSL.

27 Jul 2010

Introducing FBMHell.Com

Good news, everyone! My compulsive need to make websites and write content has struck again, this time resulting in my new site, FBMHell.Com, which I hope will evolve into a great resource for Facebook developers, whether you’re an app developer or fan page designer.

19 May 2010

Want to Set a Default Landing Tab on Your Facebook Fan Page? It’ll Cost You

You’re gonna love this. And by love I mean be filled with rage. I started receiving emails from people today, frustrated that they could no longer set a specific tab as their default landing tab in Facebook. Everyone assumed it was a bug. It’s not.

29 Oct 2009

Big Changes to the Facebook Platform

Last night, during a webcast, Facebook announced some upcoming significant changes to the Facebook platform. Most are good, a few may be frustrating, but here they are. These changes will start to be rolled out in November & December and will continue into the first and second quarter of 2010.

30 Apr 2009

Changes to Facebook’s Newsfeed/Wall

With the most recent API changes, specifically the one that changed the way fan pages behave so that they look and behave more like Facebook user profiles, Facebook also made a significant change in how newsfeeds work in applications.

30 Apr 2009

%$#^%$* Facebook Application Tabs

So this is new. And by new I mean painfully similar to the types of major functionality bugs we see every time there is a large-scale functionality change in Facebook.