27 Mar 2013

Sending Mail Using PHP and Amazon SES on Centos/AWS Linux

If you find yourself using Amazon SES for sending outgoing emails in a PHP web app, getting everything set up is much simpler than it may seem. In my case, this was on an AWS Linux image, but it will work on any Fedora/CentOS AMI.

10 Oct 2009

Funky characters in HTML mail using PHPMailer

While working on a client project, I ended up having to send HTML email notifications to users. During testing, I discovered some stray characters at the beginning of the email.

02 Feb 2009

First Look: Postbox Beta

Postbox is a new cross-platform for both Mac and Windows that promises to finally deliver what so many email clients before it have promised. Advanced functionality like Outlook, without, well, Outlook. More native features and intuitive interface than Thunderbird. Conversation threading and tagging like Gmail, without the inelegant webmail interface.

06 Oct 2008

Is IMAP/POP3 Gmail or Gtalk periodically rejecting your password?

I have run into this many times: my Gtalk password is stored in my email program (Thunderbird as an IMAP account) and my Gtalk password is stored in Adium, and every now and then, when I start my computer, Google tells me my password is wrong.

29 Jun 2002

Sending HTML/Plain Text Mail Simultaneously using PHP

Although I expect this article to cause a few ruffled feathers amongst the programming community (since most of them are against HTML email), there are times when the client will ask for it anyway, so you have to know how to do it. We had run into difficulty finding a