01 Sep 2010

Facebook New Application Tool Facacta

This is just a quickie, and no code involved. A friend of mine on Twitter asked me a question tonight that I realized I should probably mention here. She was running into an error creating a new Facebook application, and couldn’t figure out how to move forward.

24 Jan 2010

Cymothoa exigua awesomosa

Okay, I made that last bit up, but this bug is legit. That thing isn’t from a scene in Aliens and it’s name isn’t a spell from Harry Potter – though it totally should be. It’s ferral, and it is yet another reminder that science is freakin’ awesome.

06 Oct 2008

Is IMAP/POP3 Gmail or Gtalk periodically rejecting your password?

I have run into this many times: my Gtalk password is stored in my email program (Thunderbird as an IMAP account) and my Gtalk password is stored in Adium, and every now and then, when I start my computer, Google tells me my password is wrong.