17 Feb 2013

Why Are We We’re Still Doing Ads Like It’s 2001?

As I’m dusting off this website and taking a harder look at content strategies and the potential for advertising revenue, I simply cannot believe that it seems like absolutely nothing has changed in traditional online advertising in 10 years.

09 Feb 2009

Advertising on Facebook – Part Three

Part three of this series will deal specifically with an important issue that had come up in part one: Some users, albeit a tiny percentage of overall users, were encountering a malware warning on pages where SocialCash ads are being served.

02 Feb 2009

Advertising on Facebook – Part Two

In part one of this series, we talked about your options – and possible concessions you may have to make if you opt to advertise on Facebook applications. Part two will discuss the returns I have seen so far based on my own applications, and the ad network’s payout schedule.

02 Feb 2009

Advertising on Facebook – Part One

I have a Facebook application that seems to be doing rather well – over 100k monthly active users after just two months, and gaining by about 1.5k every day. I’ve been toying with trying to monetize that in some way, and the most obvious way (that requires the least amount

10 Jan 2009

Advertising on Facebook Applications – An Experiment

This article has been deprecated, and has been replaced by the new series Advertising on Facebook.The new series goes into more detail about social network ad companies, pros and cons, and updated results based on my own Facebook application. Please update your bookmarks and linkbacks. Click here to go to