Hi. You probably don’t know who I am, but I know who you are. Well, not really, because taking the effort to know who you are gives you far more value than you deserve. But I know who who you are.

You are the guy that threatens rape when a woman online says something hurtful about a thing you love.

You are the guy that threatens rape when a woman says that video games could be more inclusive.

You are the guy that threatens rape when a woman tries to speak out about rape.

You are the guy that threatens rape when a woman talks about feminism.

You are the guy that threatens rape when #GamerGate.

You are the guy that threatens murder when a trans-person talks about being trans.

Or frankly when a woman talks about any fucking thing ever. You use your threats to terrify and silence people you think shouldn’t have a voice, simply because that voice threatens the comfortable place you’ve been able to exist in for as long as you’ve been alive.

You are the guy who will call me a fat, un-fuckable dyke cunt for writing this.

Asking for better writing and representation in video games means that all women are cunts who should be raped to death? Sure – that seems like a logical conclusion.

Here’s the thing, son. I have been doing this internet thing far longer than you have. Possibly longer than you’ve been alive.

The way I imagine it, we’re all given a certain number of fucks. And we choose to spend those fucks on things we care about. Out of a hundred fucks, I’d easily give 40 fucks about racial inequality. I’d give another 40 towards gender inequality, That leaves me 20 fucks to do with as I please. I’ll spend my remaining fucks on poverty and animal welfare. Guess how many fucks that leaves you?



You think you’re anonymous, but you’re not. Any one of you, if I wanted to, I’d be on your fucking doorstep tomorrow. You are out of your league, kiddies.

You are the guy who would literally be shitting his pants when I knock on your door.

You think that you can hide behind the wall of anonymity and say things you would NEVER say in real life, because in real life you are a coward.

I am here to call your bullshit.

I’ve got news. You’re still a coward. A pathetic, simpering coward. And I don’t fear you – I pity you. I am not afraid of you because you are simply not worth being afraid of.

You think doxxing someone makes you a tough guy? How much sadder could you be, jesus. Any dickhead knows how to find someone, so you’re suddenly a big shot because you can do a minimal amount of internet sleuthing, just to terrorize someone because they think differently than you do? Seriously?? Maybe you’ll find it less hilarious when we do it to you. When we email screenshots to your mom or your dad or your boss the bullshit that’s easy to pull off when you think no one knows who you are.

You think you can use words to hurt people? Oh honey. If you actually were able to form any kind of coherent thought, you wouldn’t fall back to the easiest of all threats. If you actually had any balls or brains whatsoever, you would challenge people on their points – because that? That actually takes some stones. This bullshit you do? No one is impressed. I could write a scripted bot in 30 minutes that does your job better than you do.

Wait, wait. I may have a leftover fuck to give. Ohh, sorry. I used all of my remaining fucks up on things that actually matter. No fucks left for you.

You are, in fact, pathetic. Pathetic and small.

You are so threatened by anyone who is not just like you, doing things that have previously been yours and yours alone, that your only viable reaction is childish threats and scare tactics. Pathetic and sad. Pitiful, actually.

That’s why you have my pity.

How does that feel? I pity you. A lowly woman pities you.

You’re so pathetic that you’re not even worth talking about over beers. That’s how little you matter. You’re barely a blip on the radar of bullshit I deal with every day.

You. Don’t. Matter.

You already know that you don’t matter, of course, or you wouldn’t be lashing out like children at people that hold different views than you. You wouldn’t be so childish as to think that two opinions couldn’t co-exist in the world. To be so immensely threatened by another presence clearly indicates that you’re not sure that you believe you should be here.

Yours are the death-throes of a generation where trolls mattered at all. It’s kinda cute, actually, watching your final tantrums.

People say we should ignore you because “don’t feed the trolls”. I agree that we should ignore you, but not for that. We should ignore you because you’re simple not worth paying attention to.



It’s really common for people with self esteem issues to cling to things that they think are exclusive to them, because it’s all they have.

It was all you had.

But your bullshit time has passed. No one has two blue fucks to rub together for you because – as I may have mentioned earlier – you don’t matter.

That’s why I pity you. Because I do actually know you. And you’re pathetic and sad. And the only attention of mine that you deserve is my pity.

I am NOT Anonymous. But I AM motherfucking legion. I do not forgive, and I damned sure do not forget.

I’ve spent 20 minutes writing this, which is 20 minutes more of my time than you assholes deserve.

You’re not scary. You’re just sad, and I feel bad for you.



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  • Jerm


  • Casey Jones

    When did trolling become synonymous with harassment severe enough that it could get you arrested in most states?

    There seem to be competing definitions of the word only recently.

    Originally it meant someone who started divisive conversations in a chat or forum, or disagreed just to start an argument. They’d derail a conversation with “Yeah but Emacs sucks, what idiot uses that?” just to watch the chat turn into a flamewar. They knew who evangelized for a certain products and used that knowledge to poke fun.

    Trolls were a flavor of prankster.

    Those trolls made the internet fun. When 12-year-old me got a 5 day ban from a major Linux forum for “trolling” I wore it as a badge of honor. Anyone who mattered in the user group, including most of the moderators, had at least once in their existance there been slapped on the wrist for similar antics.

    As you often write about gender issues in tech, I’m sure you’re aware that the banner under which some of the more divisive members of the tech feminism community stood was “trolling for justice.” They meant it, their tactics came right out of the forum wars and IRC raids of yore. That kind of “using internet culture to change internet culture” thinking was often successful.

    Those tweeting rape threats over a blog post or article they disliked are just assholes who need to seriously rethink what they’re doing in life.

  • Hipichic

    Girl crush!!!

  • So much insanity in this post. I can tell.

  • “You’re barely a blip on the radar of bullshit I deal with every day.” Yep.

  • Mad Tom Vane

    Make sure you capitalize “Jesus.” You may not be religious but that doesn’t mean you can be mean about it. Wait, are you religious?

    I am pathetic, I’ll give you that, but I’m not small. I weigh over 250 lbs. How much do you weigh? 180 lbs? I’m not very tall. Are you tall?

    You have a “bullshit radar?” That is the coolest thing ever! What makes your “bullshit radar” blip? Not trolls, of course, but anything else?

    Also, “fucks” have different colors? Are there green or red fucks. My favorite color is orange. What’s your/you’re (grammar test: circle the correct word) favorite color?

    I just !@#$ my bed!

    • Brian Simpson

      Wow! Your sarcasm is really ingenuous, funny, and gains all of the kudos from your peers!

  • No need to remind me to stay on your good side!

  • “You are the guy who will call me a fat, un-fuckable dyke cunt for writing this.”

    So many people talk like that. Kudos and bravo to you for standing up and calling them out. Way to stay true and do your thing, Snipe.