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No, No – Let Me Google That For You


Have you ever had someone ask you the answer to a question, and in order to find the answer, you did a simple Google search? That leaves you wondering why the aforementioned asker couldn’t Google it their damned selves…. (I have to confess here, sometimes I like being the fastest on the Google draw – people being lazy and/or stupid makes me look like a rocket scientist at work...

Facebook and MySpace Users, Beware!


I have received two virus emails from two unrelated friends, indicating their accounts have been compromised. The messages are being sent through Facebook and both have had a spammy sounding subject line and a link to a geocities website. This was suspicious enough, but the fact that one message came from a friend I haven’t spoken to much in a year made it even more so.

Photo Retouching – How to Salvage a Dark Digital Photo


I prefer not to shoot with flash when I can help it – I don’t like the way it washes colors out. Unfortunately, sometimes if you don’t leave the exposure open long enough, or don’t have time to adjust your exposure in the first place (candid shots are my favorite but can be a bitch if you only have a second to capture the moment), you end up with under-exposed photos that...

Snipe.Net Geeky, sweary things.

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